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Friday, October 01, 2004

Cat-007 [Big Boss Cuts] Take-5 <~>

Cat-007 [Big Boss Cuts] Take-5 <~> Hello my people, just a brief encounter with my senses, not to say that I am sorry that their is a whole month of emptyness in my life, and not once, I have been missing-in the abysse of Democracy since i am now free to publically express my feelings and voice my opinions on the web... Right here right now!... Politics plays a big part in my life and to act for the Bull-Shiters and dance for the Croneys and Sticklers, is not a nice life style... Not for the man who has now played every part... I have more to say than many young guns of politcal spin and war with words though they have no meaning when Minuiture Marksman are on the roof, Police in the streets whording machine guns like a trophy weapon of peace in their arms cradled like a baby... Bomb squad and Security checking cars every 7 paces and demonstraters in their tens of thousands all over the city... OK! time to wind down now the Partys over, the Labour Confrence has Chucking-Out time and the RT HON. MP. Tony Blair has personaly said Good-bye... Does Bush do this Dam dance as-well... Welcome to the real World-Baby...


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