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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

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http://www.youtube.com/ YouTube Video is now worth a fortune - but is it worth watching? How does a night watching YouTube compare to regular television? While Trinny and Susannah were holding forth last night on ITV1, a less polished double-act called Chad and Steve were proving the big draw on YouTube. Apart from looking as if they could do with the urgent attentions of Britain's first ladies of fashion makeover, Chad and Steve seemed pretty happy. In fact they looked delirious - and they'd made a short film that explained why. A little over a year ago, Chad and Steve, two twentysomething Silicon Valley dudes, hit on the idea of creating a website where anyone could post videos for anyone else to see. On Monday they sold the YouTube Video site for $1.65bn (£890m) to the internet colossus Google, making the pair overnight multi-millionaires.

With that sort of cash to throw around, they could have hired Steven Spielberg. But in true YouTube style, it was a slapdash affair; Chad and Steve goofing around in front of a handheld camera, their thanks to "everyone of you guys who've been contributing to YouToob" almost drowned out by the rumble of passing traffic. What's on the tube After a few more reassuring remarks on continuing to stay committed to users they broke into a fit of giggles. It's the uncontrollable laughter of knowing you'll never have to worry about your mortgage again. Chad Hurley and Steve Chen in their own YouTube video If you believe the forecasts, Chad Hurley and Steve Chen are the future of broadcasting; all the more now they've got Larry and Sergey (that's Page and Brin, co-founders of Google) bankrolling their phenomenally successful site - where more than 100 million videos are said to be viewed each day...


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