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Friday, January 23, 2009

Personal Statement BA Hons Photography 2009.

UCAS Photography Personal Statement.
My continued interest is supported by my work experience and educational awards, instructed by the awarding bodies to apply to the University to complete a three year BA Degree Course in Photography. A new approach is required to contribute and be rewarded as a mature student having license by realization and determination, regardless, in association with the new state of the art explore.The subject allows me to apply reasearch theory and creativity to real life situations, such as investigating a piece of work for the price within the consumer market inspired by an inquiring mind.

After completing a 10 Week Photography Course 'Urban Landscape' at the University of Brighton & Hove 2003, I was Pleased to Be excepted on a One Year National Certificate at my local College in Brighton 2005, which would give me the technical skills to progress quickly. This was a challenge developing my photography that taught me the skills of dedication and teamwork, giving me an emerging identity and influences according to my design, incorporating my own ideas. Work experience has accredited my published photographs in correspondence with the ad hoc national magazines and promotional material for leading theatre production companies from studying different mediums in order to obtain information up to date.

These qualities enlightened my focus on furthering my studies recording information and communicating expression across boundaries therefore, enthusiasm has coupled the lack of time and led me to explore in a controlled environment the use of Digital, 35mm, Medium and Large Format Cameras working under natural light colour and fill flash, again experimenting with movement and imagery in Black & White, Chromomeric and Colour Film, highlighting some important points inspired by The Photo Book, Annie Leibovitz, Diane Airbus, Robert Cape, Horst P Horst.

The books tell me the casting suite and creative process is perfectly co-ordinated from the initial idea to the finished product and using the same formula with just a few tweaks & additions each resilient photograph grants us unique insight into Social Documentary, Film, TV and Modelling Styles for a current trend and look that we focus on in our new projects. Inspired by the works of the Royal Mall Gallery Exhibition, The Mall London that I visited last summer, the new standards that are required in this featured series of my work is expected to do well.

At Degree Level, working with lens-based media will give me an insight into historical content and contemporary movement and both academically challenging contributing advice and new ideas to lectures and interact with fellow students engaging in a constructive and visual performance.



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