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Friday, January 23, 2009

Personal Statement BA Hons Photography 2008.

UCAS Photography Personal Statement.
As a family tradition due to Educational Awards, in the best of my interest, I have been instructed by the Awarding Bodies to apply to the University to complete a three year BA Degree Course in Photography.

My serious introduction came after working with a Poet, Dancer and fine art Artist, which we discovered that the passion for Photography could be a beautiful visual medium of self expression to direct and capture some familiar memorable moments.

After completing a 10 Week Photography Course 'Urban Landscape' at the University of Brighton & Hove 2003, I was Pleased to Be excepted on a One Year National Certificate at my local College in Brighton 2005, which would give me the technical skills to progress quickly.

I have had the opportunity in a controlled environment to use 35mm, Medium and large Format Cameras all studio based work under lighting and flash, experimenting with movement and imagery in Black & White and Colour, inspired by the works of Cecil Beaten, Richard Avendon, David Bailey and Sherrie Levine.

The principal interest I found in these books from further reading in the act of taking a simple Photograph, I have learnt that the digital age is a logical step to shape the way we generate emotion and a personal connection to think.

Furthering my education a Degree Level will give me License to explore my own creativity and technique with access to resources, lectures and fellow students combining my artistic background that will reach audiences whilst defining personal style.



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