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Monday, October 10, 2005

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** Dr.Logic [Sweat Box & Soap] WP 2000 3.1 ** - Blair v Blair -
Have you ever wondered what the Blairs argue about over breakfast? Based on their public statements, Panorama constructs the sort of debate that might take place on civil liberties and anti-terror legislation.

The programme examines the Government's plans for new laws to counter the terrorist threat, following the London bombings and asks whether we need new legislation; questions how it will make us safer, and assesses the cost in terms of civil liberties.

The Blairs themselves know how difficult it is to strike a balance. This is Tony Blair, on 5 August 2005: "Let no-one be in any doubt, the rules of the game are changing." And this is Cherie Blair, speaking as a Human Rights lawyer, on 26 July 2005: "It is all too easy for us to respond to such terror in a way which undermines commitment to our most deeply held values and convictions and which cheapens our right to call ourselves a civilised nation."

Those interviewed in the programme include: Moazzam Begg, who was detained without charge by the US in Guantanamo Bay, and imprisoned for 3 years; Lord Hurd, the former Conservative Home Secretary; and Lord Lloyd, a former law lord.

Production team:
Reporter: Vivian White
Director: Stuart Urban
Producer: Andrew Macdonald
Deputy Editors: Andrew Bell, Frank Simmonds
Editor: Mike Robinson

A Mentorn Production for the BBC


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