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Sunday, July 17, 2005

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** Dr.Logic [Sweat Box & Soap] WP 2000 3.1 ** One of Europe's top Islamic thinkers is to tell British Muslims they can reconcile their faith with the West. Dr Mustafa Ceric, the Grand Mufti of Bosnia, will give the Friday prayers sermon at the East London Mosque. The cleric, internationally recognized for his peace efforts, has previously accused the media of creating hysteria around Islam. He is expected to tell hundreds of worshippers to stand by their faith for a productive life. In his sermon at East London Mosque, Dr Ceric will talk to British Muslims about civil engagement within the UK and their wider human rights in a time of high security fears...

Dr Ceric will say that their duty is to recognise and reconcile the differences between the east and the west. Muslims would "regain their honour" by balancing their faith and a duty to work hard. "The difference between the East and the West is in that that the East believes more in God's mercy than in hard work, whereas the West relies more on hard work than on the mercy of God Since the September 11 attacks, Dr Ceric has been heavily involved in cross-community dialogue in the United States and in efforts to counter claims that Islam is linked to terrorism. In an interview last year, Dr Ceric said that tolerance of others began with how you approached those closest to you...

"We have rights to love our faith, our religion, but to respect others.

"We have no choice but tolerance, we have no choice but dialogue."


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