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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

** Dr.Logic [Sweat Box & Soap] WP 2000 3.1 **

** Dr.Logic [Sweat Box & Soap] WP 2000 3.1 ** Today It has been really cold and wet and if it had been any colder we would of had snow for the next few days...I really don't know if I should wear a woolen jacket and scarf or a water proof coat with hood...So first on hand I will wear...I am now sitting in a Cybercafe in St'James Street, Brighton just up the road from my house and wasting time on the Computer Games and did you know? Cheek of it! The cost of surfing the web has just gone up 20p to £1.20p...Joke man jah!...Now I have to find the extra 20p for a 1 hour surf on the internet...Still! It keeps me out of the cold weather...Outside is perishing...I'm gona play some Robot Cybernet Computer Games now...Ok! Buy!...C yah! xxx..


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