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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

`Voltonic high jinx fashion...

The new efficient digital online polaroid maker a new piece of revolutionary equipment for its time and better quality from the old conventional mechanical printing process... the first time i used it for this colour portrait their were solid reminisent sounds of the old equipment wispering in my ear the world was an accident crunch click beware health & safety... A visual connection depicting in the 1950's colour scene memorys of decay communism the industrial revolution acrid smoke climate change and polution... encrypting a powerful combination of people press office magazines, elements of news broadcast idiosyncrasies a stiff upper lip double dares a high jinx despite the authentic culinary delights.... polaroid has updated the instant photo aspect by building a hand held printer called the Polaroid POGO... that connects to your digital camera or phone and prints on special card papers in less than one minute... Influences: polaroid highlander 80A used by Mary Moorman from New York to take the famous photograph of President J. F. Kennedy immediatly after he was shot dead in Dallas Texus... Robert Mapplethorpe from Long island. NY. 1946 who greatly admired the culture and such works of Andy Warhol pop art... he produced work in a variety of media he said of the polaroid ... i like the object i like the photographs when you hold them in your hand... 14x17 Portraid Colour Polaroid Charlesfuller... ** GEM (N°555). Empirical Emporium. The trendy instamatic reaction shot.



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