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Friday, January 15, 2010

Personal Statement BA Hons Photography 2010.,

UCAS Photography Personal Statement 2010.,
(Instructed by the university's).
Selected research for further interview Instructed by a detailed brief and creative input from their focus and experience has put me at the cutting edge of this new and exciting approach to creating a collection of strong visuals as a portfolio of work. A Photographic based project presentation of contemporary and creative images from a forum of ideas to complete a three year BA (Hons) Degree Course in Photography.

After completing a 10 Week Photography Course 'Urban Landscape' at the University of Brighton & Hove 2003, I was Pleased to be excepted on a One Year National Certificate at my local College in Brighton 2005, which would give me the technical skills to progress quickly In correspondence to accredited complimentary photographic material recording for the medium and online, my published work the technique out of context a connection staged to related press new typography apparently taint from traditional printing methods given attention to detail to reveal and provide high standard photography works of art, the new rigorous work culture economics and accessible to a very high standard.

I like the photograph, a reflection of authenticity, I like the object when you hold them in your hand. A controlled environment will teach me to explore and make an informed decision for developed projects and visual concepts behind the scenes to budget the price for the making stage subject and performance to the final out put of the production for exhibition work. My studio based and location work inspired by the exhibition Emma Sitbbon: Stadlandschaften Berlin, at UOB Gallery. Mary Ellen Mark: Scene behind the scene, she recognizes the relationship between statement and the real world, recording self evident and assumption to reasoning producing a picture of reality into a meaning. It shocks me to think this photographic art was once exploitation and eroticism abstract lines and smooth textures the polaroid colour print process instamatic reaction shot. Martin Parr: The Magnum Photographer Online. David Bailey: The book if we shadows, classic photos from the 1980s allowing the viewer to see in the pictures what they are prepared to see despite the quibbling semiotics and the training of their eye.

At degree level working with lens based equipment the technique theories and concepts as-wellas modernism modernity and visual language, will teach me to learn The Photograph is more than just a recording. Extremely high resolution best quality reproduction in medium and format all digital imaging and colour management to provide for in-house publicity and exhibition for appointed curator of photography and international art. A local connection with artists and photographers have Inspired and enlightened the genuine idea for the template of the invention of the camera for its time line could be real actuality for today and how movie cameras from the past really work. This could be a genuine debate or up for discussion to fellow students.



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